Just classy enough to keep you here!

Listen, we don't have any fancy mascots or clever TV commercials telling you how much fun we are, cuz we don't need them. Spectators has been Bozeman's favorite sports bar and grill since 1989. Located just one block west of the field house, we are the blue and gold - Montana State sports headquarters. 23 Hi-def TVs and some great food, make for one great afternoon (which usually turn into evenings ) down here at Specs.

23 Hi-def TV's, Parties Welcome, Golden Tee, Buck Hunter, Outdoor Patio, Keno, AND A LOT OF BEER.

Upcoming Sports Events

We feature all of your favorite sports packages including.

  • MLB Extra Innings
  • NHL Center Ice
  • Directv Sports
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • NBA League Pass
  • ESPN Gameplan
  • Mega March Madness
  • ESPN Full Court
  • Setanata Sports


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